The Palimpsestic Series Summer 2012 Poster

imageEvery season I design a poster for a jazz concert series located at Barbès Brooklyn. It is a project I love doing, because it is the opportunity for me to create a piece raw and playful away from graphic design. It is visually and technically challenging, I have to put a lot of information, at least 12 events with many, many names, I also decided to do it only by hand. Crazy idea, I know.

The name of the series “Palimpsestic” means something that is rewritten, originally parchment paper that was reused several times. To express the concept that what we create comes from what we have culturally integrated and digested through our own filter, over and over. For this purpose I went back to the original handwriting and drawings. Furthermore I pushed my hand to play around, trying not to obey to the rules I learned as a graphic designer. I thought of a lesson I received years ago from a wonderful musician, Joe Maneri, while he was talking to my husband about improvisation. I remember him telling not to play the next note that is expected to be played, but let yourself go somewhere different. I let my hand guide the brush to places I usually don’t go.

Here is the summer series poster, simple, raw, genuine, happy.