Social media and sourdough


My friend Sarah Owens is the rose gardener at the BBG and has a passion for sourdough bread. 

Less than a year ago, she decided to explore the world of baking and posted her results on Instagram

Today not only Sarah has her online bakery, she also has been contacted by a publisher to write a book about her own recipes. 

Everything she enterprises is done done beautifully with a lot of attention to details and presentation. I love her posts with elegant photographs. I love her hand-designed logo by herself. I love her writing, her poetic descriptions always makes me salivating, a friend calls it “bread porn”. I love each of her breads of course and had the pleasure to taste many of them through her all process of creation this past year. The sourdough chocolate soufflé with raspberry and homemade wiped cream I had at a diner this winter was one of the most delicate dessert I ever had.

Sarah is a lovely and fun person, it is a real pleasure to see her every saturday mornings when she dropped my weekly orders. Her story is a great result of a combination of passion, dedication and enjoyment. And social media is a fantastic tool to convey good stories like hers. 

Have a look at her posts, they are inspiring and salivating.