Only in New York, only in America!

imageI just took a cab on my way back from JFK, where I dropped my Italian mother going back home. The driver was typically friendly, very verbal with a heaving Brooklyn accent. He was seriously interested in my origins, and asked where he could find the best Italian and specifically Tuscan olive oil in New York. I made a point of not sounding too snob because I bring back mine directly from my Tuscan farmer friend who makes my favorite olive oil ever. So I mentioned several local stores that carry good quality olive oil like Fairway, Sahadi’s, Whole Food, Treader Joe’s, even Dean & Delucca, Gourmet Garage and Union Market. When he told me about his favorite, an organic Tuscan style made in California olive oil that he buys online at, with his great Brooklyn elocution, the Olive Oils “Sauce”. I was intrigued. Of course, I look for it as soon as arrived home and found this really impressive online store specializes on everything related to olives.

Only in a New York cab ride, you can have a great and interesting conversation such as this one. Only in America you can find amazing specialized quality stores on olive oils. I love it all!