How social media helped my cross country trip


Here is a list of 10 realizations and how they influenced the coming events. Things got out of hand, I have to admit. :

  1. My life changed when I started working in freelance vs. a corporate full-time job, it became instantly really exciting and creative. Yes, the tranquility was gone, but everything started to sparkle around me, suddenly it was so much easier to get up in the morning. To help me ease in into this new life style I managed to find a little monthly support by joining the airbnb world of renters. 
  2. More than just adding a little income, the all experience became a life change. Opening up my space to new people made me realize that we all seek the same thing, a place we call home. By embracing the situation my options started looking wider and freer.
  3. Living in the great era of tiny devices I can be anywhere and still exist within my community.
  4. I quickly learned to define my essentials and priorities. As light as a bird (well almost), my only goal is to fly (figuratively of course).
  5. The plan of going cross country came naturally, explore the land I choose to be mine, I just had become a citizen. A sort of symbolic moment to discover America, I guess.
  6. Taking my time, was also one of my dreams, being able to enjoy the vastitude of this country with no schedule. 
  7. Stay on the ground, lets drive. With a sleeping mat in the back of our car, it is like having a roof under my head. I love my Jeep!
  8. While I am collecting “first time ever” accomplishments, why not adding camping and hiking? Yes, like Lewis and Clark.
  9. Friends are my most precious possessions. Because of them I feel rich and powerful. They gave me my best memories and taught me everything I needed to learn to carve something good out of me. Without them this trip couldn’t have been possible. 
  10. Now I just have to do it and go for it.