For the Love of Cafes and Social Media


Lately I have been doing a lot of social media research to help developing the promotion of my business. And in the process I discovered impressive things about myself and the people I connected with, enlarging a community of minds who enjoy sharing tremendously generously.

It started with Airbnb which gave me the way to go my way. Sharing my home and communicating with strangers, made me realize that strangers didn’t mean anything really. Basically we all look for the same things: trust, and comfortable places we call home. 

I like to start my daily routine with a stop at the cafe. It gives me the energy to get my day going, not only drinking a delicious expresso, but with the social interaction of friends and strangers who are all looking for the same moments: laughs and bits of lives stories to share.

Social media and social cafes are the same to me, places I stop by daily, to read or watch a video, write or take a picture, sharing moments of what makes me happy, stimulating my creativity, challenging my mind.

I am happy I found places that make me grow everyday, tickling my brain with a world of discoveries, surprising my eyes with infinite talents, enriching my life in many ways, always, anywhere.

I write this blog in the spirit of my cafe break, while drinking my expresso I get happy, talking about extraordinary topics and to people that make my day.

PS: the photo above was taken at one of my favorite cafe, where many amazing things happened, new friendships and many fun memories. 

PPS: check the links, they are other places I enjoy going.