Beautiful Forgotten Things

This morning I discovered the world of Mirka Mora and did some research about her artwork. Wikipedia told me the beautiful life, after surviving the Holocaust, she and her husband had created in Melbourne. They owned several cafés, first Mirka Café, subsequently Café Balzac and others, places frequented by many Australian artists.

Recently, while renovating a restaurant where Café Balzac used to be, a mural by Mirka was discovered. Here is a moving video from the Sydney Morning Herald showing the magic of it.

I’m always fascinated in artists portraits, looking at their face and body, searching for where their art comes from, often embedded in their eyes. This short video from the Heide Museum of Modern Art shows a sweet, funny, and happy Mirka surrounded by her art.

The Design Files, a great Australian Blog published a very interesting interview, well expressive of her spirit (you have to read it, it’s hilarious), it shows sweet photographs of Mirka Mora (the one above is my favorite) and her home studio.  Photography – Sean Fennessy. Production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Below, 3 quotes I love from Mirka, I hope it’ll make you read the entire interview.

“This was very exceptional. All the great painters had been there. Can you imagine? because when I came in the studio you could have taken the atmosphere with a spoon and eat it! It was such a charming place, with a soul.”

“… to be a painter you have to be a complete human being, don’t you? Or a photographer, or a writer, you have to be fulfilled in all ways… otherwise your brain is empty like a pancake. I don’t want pancake in my brain!”

“I tell you the secret, don’t grow up, that’s the secret. I should be a lady of 87 but to hell with it! I want to have bad manners and bad habits, I don’t want to grow up in other words. But I hope I am a good example to other people, because you don’t have to grow old. It’s a trap!”