A Very Special Kind of Pink


Strangely lately I have been loving the color pink. A peaceful and happy pink that illuminates everything around, reminding me of the winter morning light reflecting on the walls of my bedroom or a bouquet of old roses with petals falling on the table.

I realized that this color was in many elements of my everyday surroundings, my bedspread is pink, by formica table is pink, my favorite towel is pink, and the tiny tiles in my bathroom are pink, all made out of the same shade of pink. None of these objects were chosen, they all came into my life as is, somewhat they decided to gather together in my world. 

Back to my parents hometown in Tuscany, I saw it, the angel that belongs to one of my first encounter with Art (with a big A), the Fra Angelico Annunciation from the Cortona altarpiece. I have been secretly carrying this gentle color from the robe of this magnificent angel.  And like a little miracle that angels like to do sometimes, it came back to me, surrounding me, charming and protective.