I'm a visual artist and owner of "The Music Room Collection", an online home decor shop offering series of one of a kind upcycled plates with my artwork.

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THE MUSIC ROOM   It’s the title of one of my favorite movies, as well as a room in my house.

The movie, a 1958 masterpiece by the Indian director Satyajit Ray, portrays the decline of a Bengali aristocrat in the early 1900s. His greatest joy is the music room in which he has hosted lavish concerts over the years. Passionated to the point of its perdition, the hero moved me. Somewhat I recognize myself in this man lounging in a white tunic, charmed by the show in front of his eyes. I, as him, am captivated by beauty, and enjoy being a spectator of arts. This is why I drew him on the logo of my shop.

When I married my husband I knew that I had to marry Music as well. Music is very much part of my everyday life. I’m lucky to be surrounded by talented artists, their dedication and great discipline inspire and nurture my work.  Great art brings out the best of myself and, I believe, of all the humanity.

LEFT  I was the first baby of the family and, at that time, the center of the world. Here 2.5 months old with my parents on the right and my uncle, my father’s brother, and aunt on the left. All barely in their 20’s, 2 Italian couples starting their life in Paris in the early 60’s. RIGHT I'm 6 years old in Italie and remember well this elegant outfit.

BIO IN A NUTSHELL  I grew up in Paris in an Italian family. My mother is from Umbria and my father from Tuscany, 2 very beautiful places known for their olive oil, wine and "dolce vita". French accent, Italian blood, is how I define myself. I live now in Brooklyn with my husband, the musician Oscar Noriega, in a happy house located in one of the sweetest neighborhood in the world, Windsor Terrace.

I like mixing different techniques and mediums - ink drawing, calligraphy, oil and gouache paint, screen printing, and clay. I'm inspired by the fruits and vegetables I eat, tiny flowers and tall trees, the animals who live with me as well as the wild ones. I love collecting rocks, fruits and long grasses that I let dry, and admit being, somewhat, a little bit fascinated by decay. I also collect, since a young age, small vintage objects and postcards, basically charming little things with no specific topic. My style is realistic and poetic, my world is nurtured by B&W movies and old photographs. 

My Italian mother brought me into this world at the American Hospital in Paris. Years later, I became a citizen of the United States. In Paris, I educated my eyes, built my taste and learned from the best and most creative people in the fashion industry. My Italian origins taught me rigor, ethics, pride, and cooking as an art form. In New York I met great musicians and started building my work as an artist. Cross culture defines who I am.

LEFT movie still from "The Music Room", directed by Satyajit Ray in 1958. CENTER AND RIGHT Old postcards from my collection of 2 of my favorite places in the world, Arizona and Tuscany.